Chief Medical Officer
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Chief Medical Officer

The Chief Medical Officer is responsible for the ongoing development, coordination and review of quality health care services provided to the public through the Department of Health, while maintaining an ongoing process of consultation with stakeholders. The Chief Medical Officer provides strategic direction and advice for the national health system.

To sustain an accessible and integrated health system offering quality services to meet tomorrow’s needs
The Department of Health shall strategically lead, support and coordinate a sustainable & responsive health system, built on competence, quality and efficiency.
Operational Objectives:

  1. The set up and direction of the Department of Health and the development of pertinent functions of the directorates and units within the department
  2. The development of policy and co-ordination of strategic plans, design and implementation of action plans, and evaluation of outcomes to contribute to the sustainability of public health and health care services.
  3. The gathering, analyzing and disseminating health information and the performance and promotion of research.
  4. The co-ordination of the process of consultation with stakeholders including trade unions and the promotion of user involvement, the preparation of reports that identify issues, problems, unmet needs and service gaps, and the creation of recommendations for new initiatives, review of policies, and amendments to procedures and programmes as required including Health Technology Assessments (HTA)
  5. The development of pharmaceutical polices and procedures and carrying out of related audits
  6. The determination of entitlement to public health care services
  7. The coordination of the professional aspects of health care service provision
  8. The commissioning of services according to the needs and standards of the Department of Health in collaboration with public, voluntary organizations and private service providers
  9. The development, implementation, monitoring and maintenance of a Quality Management System across the Department of Health 

4/10/2017 - Launching of the National Cancer Plan 2017-2021​
The National Cancer Plan​                  

7/11/2011 - Launching of the Sexual Health Strategy
Strateġija tas-Saħħa Sesswali - Verzjoni Maltija

16/09/2014 - Launching of the National Health Systems Strategy 
for Malta 2014-2020

01/02/2023 – Launching of the National Palliative Care Strategy for Malta 2023 – 2033
Palliative Care Strategy for Malta 2023 – 2033​