The Gender Wellbeing Clinic
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The Gender Wellbeing Clinic

In February of 2018, a legal notice introduced 'gender identity and sex characteristics related conditions' in the entitlement schedule relative to the National Health Service (NHS) (LN 44 of 2018).

A consultation to ensure the best health care services on these grounds was subsequently launched and the policy document on Transgender Healthcare (PDF)​ adopted.

A core multidisciplinary clinical team has been established to care for the needs of trans persons composed of existing clinicians working within the public health services. This consists of nominated persons from each of the following medical specialties: endocrinology, urology, gynaecology, plastic surgery and psychiatry together with a designated social worker, psychologist/s, counsellor, family therapist, speech language pathologist and a nurse coordinator. To ensure that children and adolescents are also appropriately cared for, and to facilitate the adolescent care transitioning, the relevant paediatric experts are also part of the team. This team is being led and supported by public health medicine specialists in the service planning and implementation stages.

The Gender Wellbeing Clinic became operational in November 2018 providing services through the multi-disciplinary team to trans and non-binary identified individuals. Referrals to the Gender Wellbeing Clinic (doc)​​​ can be made through a GP, nurse, psychologist / counsellor or social worker and then submit it via e-mail on [email protected]​​. One may opt to fill in the Gender Wellbeing Clinic referral form​ online.

Currently the Gender Wellbeing Clinic operates from A3 Towers, Arcade Street, Paola.  All clients are seen by appointment. 

The first point of contact for clients is generally the specialist nurse who coordinates patient care and conducts the initial evaluation. This initial interview seeks to gather the relevant background information, any gender affirming medical interventions already undergone, relevant medical history and psycho-social factors and the services being sought through the clinic.

The clinic follows the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH)​ standards adapted to Malta’s legal framework and an approach based on informed consent to care.

The services provided by the Gender Wellbeing Clinic​ on the National Health Service to date include:
Initial Assessment; Psycho-social Support; Family Support; Hormone Prescription and Follow-ups by Endocrinologist; Voice Therapy; Psychiatric care; Gynaecological Support; Orchiectomy; Hysterectomy; and Preservation of Gametes.

Not currently covered are: Vaginoplasty; Phalloplasty; Hair removal; and Facial surgery.

Gender Wellbeing Contact number:


Photo: The Gender Spectrum Collection