Mater Dei Hospital Layout
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Mater Dei Hospital Layout

 ​External View


Block A
Auditorium, Medical School, Faculty of Health Sciences, Administration.
Block B
Staff Facilities, Laboratories and Department of Pathology, Renal Unit, Rehabilitation services for Mater Dei patients.
Block C
Main Entrance, Chapel, Auditorium, On-Call Staff Facilities, Day Care Unit, Offices, Staff Restaurant, Radiology Department, Sterilization Department, Public Facilities such as Customer Care Desk, Kiosks, Public Cafeteria and ATM.
Block D1 (Blue)
Ophthalmic Ward, Urology Ward 1, Urology Ward 2, Sleep Lab, Paediatric Day Care Unit, Neonatal & Paediatric Day Care Unit, Day Care Surgery Unit, Surgical ward 5, Obstetrcs Ward 3, Delivery Suites, Disneyland, Wonderland and Rainbow Unit.
Block D2 (Green)
Surgical Ward 3, Surgcal Ward 4, Gynaecology Ward, Delivery Suites, Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT) Ward, Obstetrics Ward 1, Obstetric Ward 2, Operating Theatre, Fairyland, Orthopaedic Ward 3.
Block D3 (Yellow)
Plastic Surgery and Burns Unit, Surgical Ward 1, Surgical Ward 2, Orthopaedic Ward 1, Orthopaedic Ward 2, Neuro Surgical Unit, Neuro Medical Unit, Catheterisation Suite, Medical Ward 6.
Block D4 (Brown)
Medical Ward 1, Medical Ward 2, Medical Ward 3, Medical Ward 4, Medical Ward 5, Medical Admission Unit 4, Cardiac Medical Ward, Cardiac Surgery Ward, Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, Crital Cardiac Care Unit, Intensive Treatment Unit, Medical Investigations and Treatment Unit, Infectious Deseases Unit, Psychiatric Unit.
Block D5 (Red)
Emergency Department, Observation Ward, Medical Admission Unit 1, Medical Admission Unit 2, Medical Admission Unit 3, Hyperbaric Unit.
Block E
Pharmacy, Infection Control Unit, Outpatients, Seminar Rooms. 
Block F
Generators, Engineering Systems, Fire and Security Systems.
Block G