Cardiac Lab
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Cardiac Lab


​The Cardiac Laboratory is located within the Physiological Measurement Department (PMD), Level 1, Out-patients Block.

Opening Hours

All days of the week between 7am and 4pm


This department can be contacted during normal opening hours on +356 25454630.


This department carries out heart-related tests which do not require a surgical intervention. Such tests include Echocardiogram, Transoesophageal Echo, Exercise Stress Test, 24-Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring, and Holter Monitoring (both 24-hour and 7-Day).
These tests are provided through a multi-disciplinary team approach including Cardiac Consultants, doctors, nurses and ECG technicians.
The Nurse-Led Heart Failure Clinic follows up, assesses and evaluates patients by giving advice and addressing their current heart related needs as deemed necessary, through the support and advice of cardiologists.
The Cardiac Lab., through a Nurse-Led Clinic, also follows-up the acute wound care of patients who have undergone a pace-maker inserton.


The public can be directed for the use of Cardiac Lab services through a referral from the Out-Patients Departments, Health Centres, and other State Hospitals. Further follow-ups, if necessary, will be allocated by this department.