Central Delivery Suite
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Central Delivery Suite

Where is the Central Delivery Suite?
The Central Delivery Suite is located at ground floor level of the green block.

What is Central Delivery Suite?
The Central Delivery Suite (Labour Ward) is the place where assistance in giving birth is provided. It has 10 delivery rooms, each one a single room with individual bathroom facilities, and two of which have hydrotherapy baths. There is also an operating theatre equipped for caesarean sections and other birth procedures.
Mothers-to-be may come to the unit in labour, directly from home. Alternatively, such women are transferred to the Suite from the other Obstetric wards. The expectant lady must have at least 22 weeks gestation.

Visiting times
The mother is accompanied throughout labour and birth by the husband/partner. No other visitors may visit the mother except in exceptional cases, which state of affairs should be discussed with a midwifery officer or deputies.

Contacting the ward
In order to speak to the nurses at the Central Delivery Suite, one may call on telephone number +356 25455170. Nursing staff are not expected to provide detailed medical information over the phone so as to protect patients’ right to confidentiality.

Mothers coming to the Central Delivery Suite
When an expectant lady arrives at the Central Deliver Suite, she is welcomed by a midwife who will ask her the reason for calling and for the ante-natal cooperation card (Blue card). Expectant mothers are referred to the Central Delivery Suite when experiencing painful and regular contractions or when the waters breaks. Some have mild irregular contractions that often ware off. It is advisable to call for advice when the mother is unsure to verify whether she should delay calling the Central Delivery Suite.

Mothers-to-be are advised to call the Central Delivery Suite if contracting bleeding or if in doubt whether the baby is moving, even if they are not in pain or having contractions. ​​​