Hyperbaric Unit
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Hyperbaric Unit


The unit is situated in Mater Dei Hospital at level -2, underneath the Accident and Emergency department (Red zone).  The unit can be reached by accessing the Accident and Emergency lifts and descending to level -2.

Main Function

The Unit’s main function is to provide Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and recompression treatment to in-patients and out-patients. Clients are also assisted while they are inside the pressure chamber. Any change of dressings are carried out if need be.

Other Services

Another function is that of issuing and renewal of diving licences.
The department is also responsible for Diving medical examinations of commercial divers and pot dives

Lectures on the subject are given to medical and paramedical staff.

At present the unit has 2 chambers at its disposal.  One, 5 seat ‘High Pressure’ chamber and another 12 seat ‘Low Pressure’ chamber.

Appointment Booking Time
​The unit secretary may be contacted on +356 25455269 from 8-11am on weekdays to book a diving medical examination or out-patient appointment.​

Contact numbers

Clients can contact the Unit from Monday to Friday from 7am to 3pm through the following Telephone numbers: +356 25455269, +356 25455273, and +356 25455205.