Intensive Therapy Unit
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Intensive Therapy Unit

What is the Mater Dei Hospital Intensive Therapy unit  (ITU) ?
The Intensive Therapy Unit is the 20 bed unit located at level -1 of the MDH Brown Block. Patients can be admitted from the Emergency Department, any hospital ward or the Operating Theatres when the ITU team believe that a referred patient is at high medical risk and might benefit from more intensive monitoring and organ support.

Who will look after patients admitted to ITU?
A dedicated multidisciplinary team made up of ITU doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and pharmacists are present to provide a standard level of service seven days a week.

Nurses work on a 12-hour shift basis changing over at 7am and 7pm with each shift being coordinated by a more senior nurse and led by one or two Charge Nurses during daytime hours every day.

Physiotherapy is an important aspect of holistic care and is offered throughout the patient stay by dedicated ITU physiotherapists between Monday and Saturday. There is a separate physiotherapy team offering support out of hours daily, Sundays and Public Holidays.

Two duty ITU doctors work a 24-hour system changing over at 8am and between 8am and 2pm are supported by other junior doctors.

ITU Consultants manage the unit for a 4-day block (Monday 8am to Friday 8am) and a 3-day block (Friday 8am to Monday 8am). Strict handover systems exist to ensure the safest possible continuity of care between ITU Consultants.

How is ITU different from other wards?
ITU Consultants and doctors are specialised in Intensive Care Medicine in order to supervise all clinical management decisions and coordinate medical care with another MDH Consultant (who will continue to supervise care for the patient once discharged from ITU).

The nursing team are dedicated to this unit and aim to provide a ratio of one nurse per patient. All duty ITU doctors are trained in critical care medicine and work within the Department of Anaesthesia. Ward rounds take place before morning visiting hours and in the evening after afternoon visiting hours.

Visiting times
Monday to Sunday (including Public Holidays)
11:30 to 13:00
17:00 to 18:00

Two visitors are allowed by each patient at any one time. 

On admission contact details of up to two relatives will be requested to act as first and second contacts for the ITU team. This allows us to know whom the patient would prefer us to speak to regarding progress of the clinical situation.

The patient’s nurse will give basic information on Care patient is receiving but the named relative/s can also request nurse to ask for an ITU consultant/ doctor meeting during morning visiting hours. The ITU consultant might then suggest to meet outside visiting hours for more detailed updates on patient care.

We also recommend that distant relatives and friends of each patient restrain from aggregating in the ITU Waiting Area to respect other families experiencing equally  difficult circumstances.

Contacting the Intensive Therapy Unit
For urgent communication can phone on +356 25455400 / +356 25455410.

Nursing staff are not expected to give detailed medical information over the phone so as to protect patients’ right to confidentiality. We recommend that only the named relative/s phone for updates and update other family and friends to limit number of external calls and minimise disruption to patient care.

For non-urgent communication and more detailed patient progress updates we suggest that during visiting hours you ask the patient nurse to request a meeting with the ITU Consultant.