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The Mortuary building is on its own to the north west of the Mater Dei Hospital complex which permits a more dignified preparation of our dear departed in the quieter part of the hospital grounds. This site can be reached by public transport service to the main hospital entrance which is approximately five minutes walking distance. The premises can also be reached by private car if the intention is to follow a funeral cortege. Parking for this occasion is permitted within the small parking area at the Mortuary.

Services Offered

The services rendered at the Mortuary include:
  • The receipt of bodies from within the Hospital complex and also from other sources, such as the community and other institutions.
  • The preparation of these bodies for the funeral rites.
  • An autopsy service for the various Hospitals requiring Post Mortem examination.
  • Forensic Post Mortem studies.

To provide these services the facilities in the Mortuary include a Body Reception area, a Cold storage, Body fridges, Post Mortem area, Laboratory, and a Body preparation room. A number of viewing rooms enable relatives and friends to pay their last respects in a more private atmosphere.
There is also a Mortuary Chapel where relatives and friends of the deceased can find time for moments of silence and also participate in the final prayers recited praesente cadavere just before the body is transferred to a hearse for its last voyage.

Opening hours and Body viewing

The normal opening hours for the Mortuary are 07.00 till 12.00, and 12.30 till 15.45.
So as to allow for the preparation of bodies in the cold rooms and for the next morning's funerals it is kindly solicited that the last viewing slot permitted should not exceed the 15:30 time limit. The premises are open daily (including Sundays and Public holidays) throughout the year. The management regrets that the Mortuary may be temporarily closed due to special circumstances beyond our control without prior advice during these opening hours. It is therefore encouraged to book an appointment for a visit on the indicated telephone lines. Service outside these hours is not available.
Body viewing is restricted. Family members are encouraged to book viewing times together so as to minimize excessive transfer of the body from a regulated cold room storage area to the higher temperature in the viewing areas intended to be tolerated by visitors. This is advised so as to minimize body damage.
It is also recommended that visitors adhere to the particular funeral time slots indicated by the funeral organisers. This will permit a more respectful and ethical preparation and handling of the body by the mortuary staff. It will also allow for a better delivery of service in the difficult time of bereavement.
Any queries or appointments will be attended to on telephone numbers +356 25455260 and +356 25455265 in the indicated working hours.