Neonatal Paediatric Intensive Care Unit
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Neonatal Paediatric Intensive Care Unit

Where is Neonatal Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (NPICU)?
NPICU is located at level 0 of the blue block.

What is NPICU?
NPICU is an intensive care unit for babies and children till the age of 3. Babies and young children requiring intensive care are admitted to this ward from the Emergency Department, Paediatric Wards, Delivery Suite,  Obstetric Wards and Operating Theatres.

Before discharge from this unit:-
The ward encourages parents of very pre term babies, or parents with special needs, to stay overnight/ or more to room in with their baby.
A lecture on basic life support is offered to most parents prior to discharge. This is done by a specially trained team of staff on a voluntary basis.

Visiting times
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday (including public holidays):
13:00 - 18:30 (Both parents/guardians can stay with the child)
19:30 - 06:30 (Both parents/guardians can stay with the child)
Wednesday, Sunday (including public holidays):
16:30 - 17:00 (2 visitors, excluding parents/guardians, at any one time)
Due to Covid-19 situation at the moment, visiting hours is 2 hours daily, (both parents) with times given by staff members. A Covid swab has to be done by the parents every 15 days. 

Special permits for visiting outside the established visiting hours may be given to relatives on the discretion of the Charge Nurse.

Contacting the ward
To speak to the nurses on the ward, one may call on +356 25455450. It is highly important to note that nursing staff will not give any detailed medical information over the phone to anyone to protect patients’ right to confidentiality.