Pathology Department
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Pathology Department


The Pathology Department's Pre-Analytical/ Reception area is located along the South Corridor at level -1, Mater Dei Hospital

Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday: 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Out of these hours the Pathology Department operates on an urgent basis ONLY and on skeleton staff.


The Pathology Department offers the full range of services that are generally required by the clinician. The Department’s test list consists of over 1700 different tests that are carried out at the various Mater Dei Hospital Laboratories, other specialized tests are subcontracted to other specialised labs overseas.
Most routine tests are analysed and resulted same day, whilst other more specialised tests take longer.  Testing of an urgent nature are analysed on a 24x7 basis.

Tests can only be requested by a physician based at the various hospitals or health centres; or alternatively by your Family Physician/General Practitioner.  Request of the appropriate tests are done after examining the patient. Patients in the community can thus opt to go either through their private GP, through a Health Centre GP Clinic or through the Hospital Outpatients’ Clinic (by appointment) to get the necessary testing carried out.

Other services

Patients at Mater Dei Hospital wards are bled by the Pathology Department’s phlebotomists.

Contact Details

Patients MUST contact either their doctor or the Health Centre where they were seen to enquire about test results.  Results  may also be accessed through the myHealth system (see link below) after a few days to allow vetting by the requesting physician.  The doctor of your choice will be able to view your results if they are linked to your record through this system.  Results are released for viewing by the requesting physician.

Note: Do not call the Pathology Department for results

For other queries regarding tests contact as follows:


Pathology Department – Pre Analytical Area

Mater Dei Hospital


Imsida – MSD 2090


+356 2545 6300 / 6301 / 6309 / 6312

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