Pharmacy Services
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Pharmacy Services

Dispensing to the public
+356 25456535   
The Pharmacy Department is responsible for dispensing items that are listed as "To Be Dispensed From Hospital" (TBDFH) on the Outpatient Formulary, this formulary can be downloaded from here.

Sale of Medicines
+356 25456535   
Treatment that is not available from retail pharmacies can be purchased from the dispensaries, provided that the treatment is listed on either of the Government Formularies found here​.
Sale of treatment is permitted only if a legal prescription is presented. The same prescription needs to be signed and stamped on the back by Community Pharmacists, confirming that the treatment is not available for sale in their respective pharmacies.​

Supply of ostomy and CAPD equipment
+356 25456533   
Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis patients and patients requiring ostomy items are catered for from the "Patient Support Room" found within the waiting area of the Pharmacy at ground floor Outpatient Block MDH.

Supply of domicillary oxygen and flow meters
+356 25456535   
Oxygen cylinders are supplied and exchanged from Poligas at Hal-Farrug tel: 25585503/2. A customer on oxygen therapy only goes to MDH Dispensary on the first time for initiation of contract and on the last time of use for the return of the oxygen flow meter. 
Opening hours of Poligas are from Monday to Saturday from 7.00 hrs till 19.00 hrs Sundays and Public Holidays 7.00 hrs till 13.00 hrs. A refundable deposit needs to be settled with the respective contactor for supply of the cylinders. 
Pharmacy also provides an emergency supply of medical oxygen to the public after closure of the contracted service provider between 19:00 hrs and 8:00 hrs of the following day.

Clinical Pharmacy Services
+356 25456508   
Pharmacists provide pharmaceutical care to optimize treatment outcomes. Together with the interdisciplinary team and patient, Pharmacists ensure that the best treatment is chosen for the patient, taking the treatment's efficiency, possible interactions, adverse effects, and cost-effectivness into account. They also provide advice and patient care on discharge to ensure maximum compliance to treatment.

Management of Medical Gases
+356 25456535   
Medical gases are used by patients both in and out of hospital. Medical gas management involves ensuring timely provision of good quality medical gases to hospital. It also involves a system to ensure an efficient supply of medical oxygen to the public. Initiation of contracts and the supply of flow meters are done at MDH Dispensary.

Medicines Information Services
+356 25456508   
Pharmacists working in Medicines Information section provide evidence-based information about medicines and advice on their therapeutic use. The aim is to provide professional advice to support the safe and effective use of medicines, to health care professionals, caregivers and patients as necessary. Pharmacists are also involved in preparing and distributing educational resources for patients including drug information leaflets and alert cards. This is a nationwide service that is at the disposal of outpatients, Government and private entities alike.

Preparation of Extemporaneous Treatment
+356 25456535   
Pharmacy prepares treament extemporaneously when the required formulation is not available in Malta. The frequency of preparation and supply to wards and outpatients depends on the patients' needs and the shelf life of the treatment.

Reconstitution of Aseptic Treatment
+356 25456535   
Pharmacy reconstitutes aseptic treatment against prescriptions provided by caring physicians, and approved by Pharmacists, thereby ensuring the quality of the treatment being administered to patients, following international guidelines.

Supply of Medicines to Wards
+356 25456535   
Pharmacy ensures that the treatment reaches the patient by providing timely supplies to the respective wards.

Ensuring quality of service +356 25456535   
Quality Assurance ensures that clinical governance is interwoven in all of the above services. The QA team ensures the smooth running of Pharmacy services and is responsible for the safety of all medicinal products and preparations supplied by Mater Dei Hospital.
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