Phlebotomy and ACC Clinic
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Phlebotomy and ACC Clinic


The Phlebotomy Clinic is found on the ground floor of the Outpatients Department.

Opening Times

Monday to Friday – 7.30 a.m. – 2.30 p.m.
Saturday- 7.30am – 12.00pm.


This clinic may be contacted on +356 25454550.


Patients attend this clinic when they need to have blood tests taken.
The Anti Coagulation Clinic (ACC) where patients on warfarin have a specific blood test taken is also embedded within the Phlebotomy Clinic.
A group of healthcare staff, including nurses, will look after you while visiting this clinic.

How to make a New Case Appointment with the Phlebotomy Clinic

Patients attending ACC: Inpatients are directed to ACC by their Doctor by filling a special referral. This referral can either be presented to the ACC personally by the patient, or by the Doctor or Nurse of the respective Ward in which the patient was recovered.
Alternatively, the ward staff may call the Phlebotomy Clinic and book an appointment for the patient. It should be noted that for the first three appointments the patient has to be attended at the ACC. After these appointments the patient can be booked for an appointment at his or her respective Health Centre.

How to make a Follow-Up Appointment with the Phlebotomy Clinic

Follow-up appointments are booked to the patient's respective Health Centre. If the Health Centre is fully-booked on the desired appointment date, the follow-up appointment can be transfererd to the Phlebotomy Clinic.
Note: For Outpatient Clinic patients whose blood is to be taken on clinic attendance day, no prior appointment with Phlebotomy clinic is needed.

On the day of the appointment:

  1. The patient presents the special referral ticket to the ACC reception.
  2. The patient is given a light blue bottle and is redirected to a cubicle to (i)have his or her blood (INR) taken and (ii) advised on the precautions to be taken while on warfarin therapy
  3. Patient is asked to wait in the waiting area till the blood results are available from the lab.

N.B. Patients are reminded that it usually takes up to 3 or 4 hours for the blood results to become available, so the patient can choose to either wait at the reception area or leave and return again within the stipulated hours.
Patients attending a follow-up appointment are sent home after their blood sample is taken and their yellow booklet together with the prescription is sent to them by post.
Patients with altered blood results and who require a change in their dosage form are contacted by the Phlebotomy Clinic by phone (usually on the same day of their appointment or the morning after).

How Patients are referred to OGTT (Oral Glucose Tolerance Test)

The patient must go personally to the ACC Department with the pink/white form properly filled by their consultant, If the patient cannot attend personally, he or she should send a relative with the form. An appointment for the test is given as well as instructions on the necessary preparation for the test.

Investigations requested by Private Doctors

Doctors working in a private practice are reminded that all patients requiring blood investigations are to refer to their appropriate Health Centres for an appointment. Only if their respective health centre's requested appointment date is fully booked can they refer their patients to the Phlebotomy Department for an appointment. Blood results are forwarded either to the health centre/ward or the private clinic as directed by the GP/Consultant on the Request Form.