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The Podiatry service is given from within the Diabetes and Endocrine Centre (MOP 2 clinic) on the ground floor of the Outpatients Department.
Services are only provided to patients with Diabetes. These services include:
  • Check up and assessment of the foot for any condition that might cause ulcers
  • Treatment and advice of any foot problem that might be present including foot ulcer care
  • Education relating to Diabetic foot care
  • Referral, when necessary, to other related specialities
  • Review for treatment of foot problems of patients who are referred from wards.

Persons with diabetes may refer themselves for such a service or be referred by any healthcare professional.
The Podology clinic at Mater Dei Hospital is open from Monday to Friday from 7.30 am till 2.00 pm, and on Saturdays from 7.30 am till 12.00pm. The clinic may be contacted on the following numbers: +356 25454452 / +356 25454453 / +356 25454454.
Another podiatrist is currently also providing service at the Tissue Viability clinic. This takes place once a week on Thursdays between 8.00am and 3.30pm. The service here concentrates mainly on ulcer care and post operative wound care but also includes foot care education.

Services Provided by the Podology Department outside Mater Dei Hospital

The majority of podiatry services are offered from Health Centres. There is a podiatry clinic in every Health Centre where patients can access a podiatrist without the need for a formal referral. Self referrals are accepted and individuals may call the respective Health Centre for an appointment. In these Health Centres, routine podiatry care is available to everyone irrespective of age and medical condition. If more specialized services are required, the podiatrist refers the patient to the relevant department.
The Podiatry Department is situated at B’Kara Civic Centre. Besides providing administrative and managerial support for all podiatry services, patients can access this department for:
  • Routine podiatry treatment if they are within the Birkirkara Catchment area
  • Specialized podiatric treatment, such as cryosurgery, nail surgery and a Podiatric Biomechanics Diagnostic Service which includes FSCAN, which is foot pressure assessment system. Referral for these services is normally by another podiatrist.