Pre-Operative Assessment Clinic (POAC)
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Pre-Operative Assessment Clinic (POAC)


The clinic is located at the out patients department, level -1

Opening Hours

Mon to Sat: 7:00am - 2.30pm


Phone numbers: +356 25457203 or +356 25457204


The Pre-Operative Assessment Clinic (POAC) is an outpatients unit catering for preoperative assessment prior to surgery. The function of this Unit is to assess the fitness of the patient prior to their surgical interventions requiring general anaesthesia. It is nurse led with the involvement of house physicians and anaesthetists.

Making an appointment

The Consultants or a member of their firm, send the operation lists to POAC well before the operation date. POAC Staff in turn, send an invitation letter to the patients informing them of their operation date as well as their preoperative date.
Usually, preop appointments are done 10 days prior to the surgical intervention to ensure optimisation of the patient’s health for same. ​