Psychology Department
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Psychology Department


The Psychology  Department is located on the first floor ( Level 1- Out-Patient Corridor ), and can be reached by lift or stairs from  the Main Foyer / Entrance of the hospital.

Opening Hours

The department is open from Monday to Friday between 7.30 am till 2.30 pm.


Staff may be contacted on telephone number +356 25456900 / +356 25456901.


In this department there are 6 Psychologists, 3 Psychology Practitioners and 3 Psychology Assistants whom  are led by Mr. Paul Sciberras, Managing Psychologist .

The Dept. caters for referrals of patients who are undergoing treatment in the acute phase during their stay in MDH as well as referrals from various MDH Out-Patient Departments.
Furthermore, the Department offers Staff Support for all categories of   MDH   employees, who are rendering a service in the hospital.
The Department deals with various issues of a psychological, emotional and adjustment nature. Staff also engages in psycho-educational work with patients and staff, through individual and group sessions.
Interventions vary according to needs, circumstances and client- groups  and can be carried out   at  an individual  and / or group level.
Services are also provided to the various hospital wards and   Departments.
An appointment for this service is given following a referral by an MDH Consultant  or  his / her  senior delegate as well as any other Senior Allied Health professional of patients undergoing treatment at MDH.

Referrals for psychological help, originating from non- MDH external sources, such as GPs etc, are handled by other Mental Health/ Community Psychology Teams.

The psychologists work together with medical and allied-health  professionals  to ensure a multidisciplinary and holistic approach to care.  We also liaise as necessary with external agencies/NGOs, where necessary when in the patients’ interests