Care for Victims of Sexual Assault (CVSA)
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Care for Victims of Sexual Assault (CVSA)

A specialist team has been set up in order to work with Sexual Assault Victims in Malta. This team is a joint initiative between Victim Support Malta, The Ministry for Family and Social Solidarity, the Ministry for Health, and the Ministry for Home Affairs and National Security.
The team operates on a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week on call basis from Mater Dei Hospital. Victims’ of sexual assault can call at hospital at any time in order to access the following services:
  1. Medical Check up
    Doctors and nurses are available to provide a thorough check up on victims following incidents of sexual assault. The check up includes testing and follow-up for STDs and pregnancy.
  2. Police Intervention
    If the victim wishes to report the crime to the police, delegates will be dispatched to Mater Dei Hospital so that the victim can submit their account then and there.
  3. Social Work Services
    Victims of sexual assault will be assessed in order to determine safety and what type of support is necessary. If it is unsafe for a victim to return to their home, they will be supported in seeking shelter.

    Following services at Mater Dei Hospital, all victims are also entitled to:

  4. Free Psychological Services / Counselling
    Victims of sexual assault experience high levels on trauma, which may affect their day to day lives up until well after the incident has occurred. We encourage victims to access these free and professional services.
  5. Free legal representation / consultation Victims of sexual assault are entitles to free legal services. This means that clients can be represented and supported legally throughout court proceedings. In the event that victims do not wish to report the case to the police, victims are still entitles to access legal services in order to determine their rights as victims of sexual assault.
A number of support services will also be available depending on individual case requirements. Victims are free to access whichever services they wish to utilize whilst refuting the rest.


For any information or queries regarding the CVSA kindly contact Victim Support Malta on +356 21228333 or [email protected]. This line is accessible during office hours.

Some important points about Sexual Assault:

Sexual assault is a crime and sexual assault is not the victim's fault.
Anyone could be a victim of sexual assault. This includes people who are young, old, male, female, Maltese, foreign, party lovers, loners, living in any part of the island. There is no one characteristic that will eliminate a person from becoming a victim of sexual assault.
Sexual assault can happen to anyone in our community. This includes people who are young or old, male or female, from any cultural background, wealthy or not so wealthy, married or not. Anyone can be a victim of sexual assault.
Most victims of sexual assault know the person who assaulted them, such as a family member or friend or someone from work, school, church or another social group. A person you don't know or have just met can commit sexual assault.
Women and men as victims of sexual assault are treated equally under the law.

Defining the terms

What is Rape?
To force someone to have sex when they are unwilling, using violence. threatening behaviour, power or coercion. Rape can also occur when the victim is unable to give consent.
What is Sexual Assault?
To force someone into sexual activity when they are unwilling, using violence, threatening behaviour, power or coercion. Sexual assault does not necessarily include the act of sex and can also occur when the victim is unable to give consent.
What is Sexual Abuse?
The act of having sex with a child, elderly person or someone who is mentally ill, against that person's wishes or without that person's consent.
What is Violent Indecent Assault?
The act of touching (or the threat to touch) a person's body in a sexual manner without consent by another person. For example it can include unwanted touching of a person's breast, bottom or genitals.
What is Consent?
Consent means permission for something to happen or agreement to do something. Someone is providing consent when they clearly express that they wish to participate in something.
It is very important that absence of the word ‘no’ does not mean ‘yes’. A person is unable to give consent of they are:
• asleep or unconscious
• significantly intoxicated or affected by drugs
• unable to understand what they are consenting to due to their age or intellectual capacity
• intimidated, coerced or threatened
• unlawfully detained or held against their will
• they submit due to the person being in a position of trust.
Throughout this page, the term sexual assault id used to encompass all of the terms above. Namely, sexual assault means any form of sexual activity occurring without consent.