Sleep Disorders Laboratory
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Sleep Disorders Laboratory

Where is the Sleep Disorders Laboratory?

The Sleep Disorders Laboratory is located on the second floor of the blue block.

What is the Sleep Disorders Laboratory?

At the Sleep Disorders Laboratory, specific tests are carried out to diagnose and treat sleep related conditions. Such tests (which are done by appointment) include diagnostic overnight sleep studies (Polysomnography), overnight titration sleep study, pre-titration clinic, CPAP compatibility clinic and MSLT.
Patients must have a specific referral from a respiratory Consultant. Tests are usually carried out at night.

Who will look after me?

These tests are carried by Mr. Chris Deguara, a specialised scientific officer . The consultants who may prescribe these specific tests are Dr. Caruana Montaldo Brendan, Dr. Balzan Martin, and Prof. Montefort Stephen.

Contacting the ward

To speak to the scientific officer, one may call on +356 25456066 – staff will not give detailed medical information over the phone to protect patients’ right to confidentiality. Due to the nature of the work sometimes it may be difficult to make contact with Mr. Chris Deguara, it is advisable to leave a message with the clerk and he will contact you back.