Speech Language Services
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Speech Language Services

Our mission statement

The mission statement of the Speech Language Department is: ‘To identify communication and swallowing difficulties and to design, implement and evaluate programmes for intervention which maximise the communication and swallowing abilities of our clients’.
In this regard, the Speech Language Department is committed to provide a high-quality service with maximum attention given to the individual in a holistic and confidential manner.

Where is the Speech Language Unit?

Speech Language services at Mater Dei Hospital are situated in two locations. One unit is at the Ear, Nose and Throat Out-Patients section and another is at the Rehabilitation Unit. The former caters for patients fitted with a cochlear implant in the case of hearing impairment. The latter caters mainly for in-patients, the general public and for patients referred from all MDH out-patients clinics.

What do we do?

Speech Language services include the assessment, diagnosis, management and prevention of communication and swallowing disorders. Communication disorders are the inability of an individual to understand and/or appropriately use the speech language systems of society. There are various types of communication problems which vary in severity including delayed development of speech and language, problems in the fluency of speech, voice disorders and speech, language and swallowing difficulties arising from stroke and other conditions. In the case of swallowing disorders, Speech Language Pathologists also perform Videofluoroscopic studies in collaboration with the Radiologist at the Medical imaging Department.
Following assessment and diagnosis of a communication, feeding or swallowing disorder, the Speech-Language Pathologist offers intervention, guidance, support and information for both clients and their carers. Therapy is provided according to need.

How is a patient referred to these services?

Speech Language Pathologists work on an open referral system and one may contact the Speech Language Pathologist directly. Other professionals and carers may also refer clients to the service. These may include family members, teachers, doctors, nurses, social workers and psychologists.