Stoma Care Clinic
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Stoma Care Clinic


The Stoma Care Clinic is located at level -1 of the Out Patients Block.


The clinic can be contacted on numbers +356 25454431 / +356 25454432.
If no one is able to respond to the call because of other work engagements one can leave his/her name, telephone number together with a message on an answering machine available on telephone number +356 25454431. The call will be attended to as soon as possible.


The clinic provids a specialist stoma care service to patients in the hospital and in the community as a follow up.
  • The stoma care nurse visits patients, both new and existing, who require stoma care advice and support.
  • The stoma care nurse teaches patients and carers independent stoma care in order to regain an independent lifestyle.
  • The stoma care nurse sees and follows up patients who require or have had stoma surgery.


It is important to note that patients are seen at the Stoma Care Clinic only by an appointment scheduled by one of the stoma care nurses. Patients with stomas and/or their carer can phone the Stoma Care Clinic on the telephone numbers provided above and the necessary appointments will be arranged.