Surgical Outpatients (SOP)
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Surgical Outpatients (SOP)


The Surgical Outpatients Department (SOP) is situated on the first floor of the Outpatients Department and can be reached by both lifts and escalators . Once on the first floor, there are signs which lead to the department .

Opening Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday : 7 am- 3.45 pm.
Thursday: 7 am-3.15 pm.
Saturday : 7 am- 12 MD.


Patients attending SOP as a New Case can be referred by a general practitioner or by a consultant (or doctor) from Mater Dei Hospital (or another Hospital).

How to make an appointment for new cases

These are made through the booking office by either a referral from a GP or by a consultation.

How to make a follow up appointment

These are booked at SOP and entered on the blue appointment ticket which is given to the patient .
For inpatients, the blue appointment ticket is sent from the wards to SOP where an appointment is booked an documented on the appointment book. The appointment book is than sent to the respective ward where it is delivered to the patient.

Other Services at SOP

Renewal of Schedule V and other Permits.
Renewal of Schedule V Forms and Permits for non formulary items can be made through an appointment with SOP. The applications are then referred to the respective Department for approval.
Referral for Radiological Investigations
A follow up SOP appointment is given to the patient as advised by the consultant after the radiological examination.
Uroflow test.
These are done at SOP when requested by the urologist.

Important Guidelines For the benefits of both patients and the department

It is important that patients abide by the time written on the appointment book .Whilst it is our objective that patients are seen on time , patients need to appreciate that due to unforeseen circumstances , they may need to wait for some time before being attended to.
The hospital is not a place for healthy children and thus these should not be brought to the department.
The Outpatient Department provides services for many patients on the same day and thus , to avoid crowds , it is important that patients are accompanied by not more than one adult person.