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Freedom Of Information

Department of Health – Mater Dei Hospital 

Structure, Functions and Responsibilities 

Mater Dei Hospital (MDH) is the only general acute teaching hospital in Malta. It is the main entity that provides acute health care services within the Maltese public health care system. Another important aspect of Mater Dei Hospital’s remit is to provide facilities for learning, training and research in collaboration with academic institutions, mainly the University of Malta (training courses for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dentists and many other health professionals). 

Our vision is that Mater Dei Hospital will be a centre of excellence in the provision of efficient and effective acute patient-centred quality health care, that it will achieve high levels of patient and staff satisfaction and that it will enhance teaching, research & innovation. 

Mater Dei Hospital has 928 inpatient beds, around 86 day care beds and 4172 staff, both clinical staff and support staff. Mater Dei Hospital caters for all medical specialities, amongst which one can mention Medicine, Surgery, Orthopaedics, Cardiac Services, Ophthalmology, Dentistry, Paediatrics, Neuroscience and Obstetrics & Gynaecology. 

Apart from inpatient services, the hospital offers emergency services (Casualty), day care services, outpatient services and diagnostic services, many of which are unique in Malta. The hospital has three intensive care units – a general adult ICU, a cardiac ICU and a neonatal / paediatric ICU. 

Current activity levels (some examples):- 

    • 1935 outpatient appointments per day 
    • 329 patients seen per day at the Emergency Department 
    • 101 emergency inpatient admissions per day 
    • 171 booked inpatient admissions per day (inc. renal unit and nursery cots)
    • 141 surgical operations carried out per day 
    • 200 patients go to the Pharmacy daily 
    • 20,997 laboratory tests are carried out daily 
    • 650 radiology tests daily 

The recurrent expenditure of the hospital is in the region of €150 million per annum. 

The greatest challenges that are faced by the hospital are:- 

  • to optimise the use of the available facilities in the hospital to increase the quantity and the quality of clinical work 
  • to increase the number of nursing, medical and other professional staff to allow for service expansion, in the number of surgical operations
  • to ensure that the hospital’s facilities are used by patients requiring acute care, while decentralising those health care services that would best be given in the community or in other health care institutions
  • a very high and continuously increasing workload
  • to deal with very high expectations of the public, the authorities and the staff themselves 

General Description of the Categories of Documents Held 

Purpose of Mater Dei Hospital Documents and Information 

Mater Dei Hospital addresses the needs of our patients, both present and future ones. Documents and information held at Mater Dei Hospital are there to serve this care-giving mission. Information in an acute general teaching hospital like this one will be about the:- 

  • wellness 
  • illness 
  • disease 
  • treatment, and 
  • healing 

For the hospital to operate, the need may arise to gather and use other types of information. 

Mater Dei Hospital holds information on paper and in computerised information systems. Much of this data falls under the categories of personal data and sensitive personal data, protected in the interests of patients by the Data Protection Act. 

Mater Dei Hospital originates, receives, and uses Documents and Information 

Our information may be of internal or external origin, e.g. received from other Hospitals, Clinics and/or Universities, and may be addressed to such organizations, or be for internal use. Information may originate from individuals or organizations, public or private; these may be Maltese or foreign, and be located in Malta, in other EU States, or further afield. 

Documents and information may originate from, or have been addressed to, the various clinical, scientific, engineering and administrative functions and roles within Mater Dei Hospital, as per the organizational chart, and the roles and functions shown. 

Such information / documents held by Mater Dei Hospital may be about wellness, lifestyles, disease, employment and/or business activities, treatment and medication, and may appear in:- 

  • Clinical notes
  • Forms
  • Records
  • FilesManuals
  • Studies
  • Plans
  • Correspondence
  • CircularsSpecifications, and
  • Reports 

Depending on the operational requirement of the hospital. Such information / documents may relate to:- 

  • imaging and laboratory tests 
  • human resources
  • administration
  • finance
  • information technology
  • logistics
  • engineering
  • infrastructure
  • biomedical sciences. 

The guiding principle in collecting, using, and sharing such documents and information shall be our health-care giving mission, the rights of patients, and observance of the Law, including the Freedom of Information Act, legislation providing for professional secrecy and the Data Protection Act. 

Addressing requests in terms of the Freedom of Information Act 

Members of the public requesting access to documents held should contact the FOI Officer on 22992381 or via e- mail address [email protected].​