Cross Border Health Care
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Cross Border Health Care

EU Directive on Cross Border Care

The EU Directive on Cross Border Health Care came into force on the 25th October 2013. The main aim of this Directive is to clarify the rules on access to safe and good quality treatment across EU member states. 

Under certain conditions you have a right to seek planned health care service or treatment in another European Union/ European Economic Area. This will apply as long as the medically necessary treatment is available under the publicly funded national health package of Malta and providing you meet certain criteria. For more information as to what forms part of this list of healthcare services please contact the Malta National Contact Point.

When considering cross border health care

Prior to considering the possibility of seeking treatment abroad one must verify with the Malta National Contact Point:
  • Whether the healthcare service/ treatment being sought forms part of the Register of healthcare that includes all the services offered by the Maltese public healthcare system.
  • Whether you need formal permission/prior authorisation from the Department of Health.
  • Which health care services are refundable and what the funding will cover.
  • What documentation you will need to provide before leaving Malta and on your return to be able to claim re-imbursement.
  • How to plan for continuity of your care which will include the necessary aftercare on your return to Malta.
  • The standards and guidelines on quality and safety laid down by the Member State you plan to seek treatment in.
  • Whether other options for treatment abroad apply.
Accessing Further Information and Advice

If you need to obtain further information please contact the Malta National Contact Point who will be able to provide you with further information and practical assistance.

National Contact Point
Tel: (+356) 22992381

Office of the Chief Medical Officer
Palazzo Castellania
15, Merchants Street,
VLT 1171

Health care services requiring prior authorisation

Prior authorisation i.e. formal permission from the Department of Health is required if the health care being requested falls within the ’List of procedures/healthcare services requiring Prior Authorisation’.

You must obtain prior authorisation by asking for permission in advance from the national health authorities through the National Contact Point if:

  1. You intend to receive healthcare that involves overnight hospital stay of at least one night;
  2. The health care involves highly specialised and/or cost-intensive healthcare or medical equipment;
  3. There are concerns regarding quality and safety of the healthcare provider;
  4. The treatment carries a particular risk.

Prior Authorisation Form
​Claim for Reimbursement Form​​

Find out what types of
services require prior authorisation​ by accessing this link or by contacting the Malta National Contact Point.

It is in your best interest to obtain prior approval from the Department of Health as this allows continuity of care and organisation of aftercare on your return.


The Ministry for Health is committed to address any queries and requests for information within the shortest possible time and not more than seven working days.

Processing of requests for treatment abroad

The person seeking healthcare abroad must be covered by the National Insurance scheme in Malta.  The requested treatment must be part of the National Healthcare Package of Malta and for each application assessment is made on whether the requested treatment can be offered locally without undue delay and whether the treatment cannot be offered without an undue waiting time. 

Requests for treatment abroad are processed according to this algorithm and operating procedure​.

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Date of latest update September 2020


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