10th CPSU Conference
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10th CPSU Conference


The first day of the Conference will be held at the Intercontinental Hotel and the second day will be held online.

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26.10.23 – Thursday plenary session

08:00          Registration
09:00          Opening ceremony and formalities
09:15          Keynote Lecture - CPSU
09:30          Talk 1 – DG SANTE, European Commission
09:40          Talk 2 – WHO, EURO Regional
10:00          Talk 3 – DG GROW, European Commission
10:30          Coffee break
11:00          Keynote Lecture - CPSU
11:10          Talk 4 – Strategic ERA: Works and Services
11:30          Open Discussion participants with panel
12:30          Plenary Debriefing & Plan for the 27.10.23
12:45          Conclusion
13:00          Lunch break​

          27.10.23 – Friday online Breakout room session

08:00          O​n​line Registration
09:00          Opening and Breakout session Rules
09:15          Breakout sessions
10:30          Virtual Coffee Break​
11:00          Workshop reporting
12:00          Discussion points for further action
12:30          Conclusion



Strategy alignment with Supplier and End-User Needs: A perspective on the Affordability, Accessibility and Availability of Treatment Needs in Malta

Chairperson: Julia Aquilina
Rapporteur: Dr Alexia Farrugia Zrinzo


Supply security and affordability: Can Supply chain Alteration improve the access to Medicine in Malta?

Chairperson: Emilie Freundt​
Rapporteur: Dr Leon Camilleri


Works & Services: Award Criteria and Contract Management

Chairperson: Ritianne Farrugia
Rapporteur: Dr Agnes Vella