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Fluticasone 50mcg/dose inhaler​ ​Temporary change in formulation View Alert​
12/01/24 Candesartan 16mg instead of Valsartan 160mg
Temporary measure
View Alert​​


​22/11/23 Medicine alert First Generation Cephalosporin oral suspension
Temporary change in product (Cefradine 250mg/5ml - SCODE C226) ​View Alert​
22/09/23 Medicine Alert - Erythromycin oral suspension Temporary change in concentration​  View Alert
​22/08/23 ​Somatropin (Norditropin ®) Prefilled Pen 10mg/1.5ml (J1082) ​Change in Brand View Alert​
​04/08/23 MedAlert Oral Rehydration Salts Change in presentation View Alert
​23/01/23 ​Oral Iron supplied as Ferrous Gluconate 300mg tablets ​Change in dosage strength View Alert​
​​18/01/23 ​Calcipotriol & Betamethasone Ointment (D147) or Cutaneous Foam (D175) ​Change in volume View Alert​


​ ​
22​/09/22 ​MedAlert Compound emollient cream (D088B) Change in volume View Alert​
​31/08/22 Beta Blocker preservative-free eye drops (G087A) ​Temporary Change in Volume ​View Alert
​​24/08/22 ​G029 Timolol 0.25%-Timolol Micro Labs (2.5mg/ml) eye drops ​Change in pack size View Alert
​11/0​6/22 ​Calcipotriol Ointment (D063A/D063B) ​Change in volume ​View Alert
​06/04/22 G024A Pilocarpine 2% (20mg/ml) eye drops (Pilocarpinum WZF 2%)​
Change in Pack size View Alert​
04/04/22 Ipratropium Bromide nebuliser solution 250mg in 2ml (H008B)​ ​Change in concentration View Alert​
​02/02/22 ​Betamethasone Dipropionate Cream 0.05% (D084/A) ​Change in Volume View Alert​
​​27/01/22 G023 Pilocarpine 1% -
Pilomann® 1% (10 mg/mL) eye drops​
​Change in Pack Size View Alert​


​17/12/2021 Erythromycin Oral Suspension​ ​New Concentration ​​View Alert​
07/10/2021 ​Clonidine Tablets ​Change in dosage strength ​View Alert​
​20/08/2021 ​Dapsone Tablets ​Change in dosage strength ​View Alert​
​17/08/2021 Medicine Alert G024 Pilocarpine 2%​ ​Change in Pack Size ​​View Alert​
​05/07/2021 ​Medicine Alert Acitretin 25mg Capsules ​RMM View Alert​
​14/06/2021 ​Recombinant Human Growth Hormone - Amendment ​Change in Brand ​View Alert​
​10/05/2021 Recombinant Human Growth Hormone​ ​Change in Brand View Alert​
​29/03/2021 ​Azithromycin Tablets / Capsules ​Change in dosage Strength View Alert​
​25/03/2021 Diazepam Oral Solution Class 4 . medicines Defect Information​ ​Caution in Use  View Alert​
05/03/2021 ​​Enoxaparin - Change in Brand ​Change in Brand View Alert
​19/10/2020 ​Pregabalin all dosage strengths ​Change in dosage strenght ​View Alert​
​30/09/2020 Trimethoprim tablets 100mg ​DHPC ​View Alert
​29/09/2020 Candesartan tablets temporarily available instead of Valsartan tablets ​Temporary Measure ​View Alert​
​05/08/2020 Pregabalin all dosage strengths Change in Brand​ View Alert​
​18/06/2020 ​Oral Iron ​change in salt ​View Alert​
​18/06/2020 ​Cyproterone Acetate Tablets ​new dosage strength - temporary ​View Alert
​28/04/2020 Omeprazole 10mg tablets (A780) new dosage strength - temporary View Alert​
​27/04/2020 Cefalexin syrup 250mg/5ml (C206) new dosage strength - temporary View Alert​
​23/03/2020 Bowel Cleansing Preparation (B041)​ Change of Product View Alert​
18/03/2020 Pilocarpine 4%w/v – New Volume x 15ml (SCODE: G025A)​ ​New Volume View Alert​
​03/03/2020 Milk Substitute (Soya based) (B011B & B011C)​ ​Change in Products View Alert​
​17/02/2020 Erythropoietin Injections​ ​Change in brand name to NeoRecormon ​​View Alert​
​11/02/2020 ​Urea cream / Lotion instead of Urea & Lactic Acid Cream ​Change in Product View Alert​

​10/12/2019 White Soft Paraffin (D053)​ Change in Volume​ View Alert​
​28/11/2019 ​Omeprazole 10mg dispersible Gastro-resistant tablets (A938) ​Temporary Measure View Alert​
​28/11/2019 ​Esomeprazole 10mg Sachets for Oral Suspension (C207) ​Correct PIL View Alert
​27/11/2019 ​Peg-Interferon Alfa-2a 180mg Injections  ​Peg-Interferon Alfa-2a 180mg Injections (J979) to replace Interferon Alfa-2a 3 million IU Injections (J944) ​View Alert​
​14/11/2019 Esmoprazole 10mg Sachets for Oral Suspension (C207)​ ​Temporary Measure View Alert​​​
​25/10/2019 Ipratropium Bromide Nebuliser Solution 500mcg in 2ml​ ​Different dosage strength ​​View Alert​
​17/10/2019 ​Interferon Beta-1b Prefilled Syringes
& Set
​Change in Brand View Alert​​​
​16/09/2019 Ipratropium Bromide Nebuliser Solution 250mcg in 1ml​ Different dosage strength View Alert​​​
​30/08/2019 Bumetanide 5mg​ ​Shortage​ View Alert
​30/08/2019 Atropine Sulphate Tablets​ ​Change in Dose ​View Alert​
​25/07/2019 Valsartan Tablets​ View Alert​
​22/07/2019 Erythropoietin Injections ​ ​Change in Brand ​View Alert​
​17/06/2019 Carbohydrate Energy Supplement ​(B024/B024A) ​Change in Volume ​View Alert​
​13/06/2019 Urgent Field Safety Notice​ ​Pennine Healthcare Tube Hole Defect ​​View Alert​
​16/05/2019 Prostaglandin Analogue Eye Drops​ ​Change in Product ​​View Alert​
​02/04/2019 Recombinant Human Erythropoietin 2000IU (J739), 3000IU (J740) and 4000IU (J742)​ View Alert​
​25/03/2019 ​DHPC - Systemic and inhaled quinolone and fluoroquinolone antibiotics - ​Risk of disabling and potentially long-lasting side-effects and restrictions on use​ View Alert

​22/11/2018 ​Ciclosporin 25mg & 100mg Capsules ​Change in Brand View Alert​​
​12/10/2018 VYGON nutrifit® Funnel Adaptors (SCODE EQ11255) for Nasogastric Tubes VYGON nutrifit® Size 14FG (EQ11048) and Size 18FG (EQ11050) ​Important Information ​View Alert​​
​03/10/2018 Enoxaparin 10,000IU (100mg) Injections​ ​Change in Brand View Alert​
​09/05/2018 Long Acting Beta 2 Agonist​ ​Change of Product View​ Alert​​


​13/12/2017 Emollient bath or shower preparation​ ​Change in Volume ​View Alert
​17/08/2017 ​Complete Nutritional Preparation x500ml (B010) ​Change in presentation​ View Alert​​
​10/08/2017 Olanzapine 5mg tablets 
Medicine Alert View Alert​​
​08/08/2017  Vitamin B compound tablets Temporary Shortage View Alert​​
​14/07/2017 ​Carvedilol 6.25mg scored ​New Scored Version View Alert​​
​02/05/2017 Human  Chorionic Gonadotrophin injections 1000 units / 1500 units ​ Change in Concentration View Alert​
​27/04/2017 Compound Emollient Preparation ​ ​​Change in volume View Alert​
​09/02/2017 ​Insulin pen needles 13G 8mm (J700) ​Temporary Shortage Resolved ​​View Alert​
​10/01/2017 ​Complete Nutritional Preparation (B009) ​Change in brand ​View Alert
​10/01/2017 ​Aspirin 75mg tablets (A379) ​Change to gastro-resistant tablets ​View Alert


​18/12/2016 ​Etanercept injections (J876) ​New version of pre-filled pen View Alert​​
Milk substitute (soya based) powder (B011/B011A)
Change in volume​
View Alert​
​16/11/2016 ​Atropine sulphate tablets ​change in dosage strength View Alert​
​31/10/2016 Adalimumab injections (J804) ​Change in presentation ​View Alert​
​27/10/2016 ​Fluticasone 250mgc/dose inhaler ​Change in number of doses/canister View Alert​
​06/04/2016 Complete Nutritional Preparation (B009)​ ​Update - Change in Brand ​​View Alert
View Annex​
​05/04/2016 Complete Nutritional Preparation​ (B009) ​Change in Brand  View Alert​
​18/03/2016 Oral Iron Tablets equivalent to 65 - 70mg​ of elemental Iron (A102) ​Oral Iron Tablets ​View Alert​
​09/03/2016 ​Emollient bath or shower
​Change in Volume View Alert​
​04/03/2016 ​Urea 10% and 1% Hydrocortisone Cream ​Change in Volume View Alert
​19/01/2016 Lithium Carbonate 400mg PR Tablets ​Change in Brand ​View Alert​


​14/12/2015 Oral iron tablets Change in product View Alert
​01/12/2015 ​Interferon beta-1b 9.6 million-unit injections for SC administration ​Change in Presentation View Alert
​30/11/2015 ​Fluid Thickener Powder ​Change in Volume ​View Alert
​11/09/2015 ​Urea 10% & Hydrocortisone 1% cream ​Change in Volume View Alert
19/08/2015​ ​Demeclocycline 150mg capsules ​Update re Shortage ​​View Alert
​05/06/2015 ​High Protein (70-90%) Powder ​Change in volume ​View Alert​​​