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The Dental Public Health Unit provides a comprehensive oral health promotion service to the community consisting of:

  • Educational talks
- ​in schools to children, teachers and parents,
- at local councils/ day centres/ various NGOs,
- at various prenatal and postnatal groups,
- to carers and nurses in elderly residences,
- at work places,
- at sessions for people suffering from chronic diseases.
  • Participation in radio and TV programmes promoting Oral Health.
  • Screening programmes in schools.
  • Preparing and disseminating educational material on Oral Health.
  • Providing advice and increasing Oral Health Literacy through the Dental Public Health Unit Facebook page

The Dental Public Health Unit collaborates with a number of other entities such as the Directorate for Health Promotion and 
Disease Prevention​, the Department for Health Information and Research, Parentcraft, the Faculty of Dental Surgery at the University of Malta, the Malta Association of Dental Students, various Local Councils and the Commission for Domestic Violence to be able to carry out the services mentioned above.

The Dental Public Health Unit has been collaborating with the Health Standards Directorate within the Superintendence of Public Health in the writing up of Standards. Members of the Unit are part of the working group currently writing up a standard entitled Standards for Minimal Sedation, and participated in the setting up of the Standards for Dental Clinics.​​