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​​Director of the Directorate for Health Information and ResearchProfessor Neville Calleja


The Directorate for Health Information and Research will lead the collectionanalysis and delivery of health related information in Malta. It will provide high quality epidemiological information and indicators on the health of the population and health services. Health information shall be made available for policy and decision makers, for the public in general, interested institutions and other that may require it. Research initiatives shall be developed and assistance shall be provided to the Chief Medical Officer by contributing the necessary evidence for the formulation of policy and strategy in the area of public health and health services for both existing and proposed programmes.


  • To gather, analyse and disseminate health information
  • To conduct epidemiological surveys and maintain disease registers
  • To maintain and develop the range of services and products that the department produces, ranging from reports to requests for customised information, accurately and in a timely manner;
  • To co-ordinate and prepare reports identifying issues, problems, unmet needs and service gaps, and recommend initiatives, review of policies, and amendments to procedures and programmes as required;
  • To develop the infrastructure needed for the provision of non-expenditure data for the System of Health Accounts         
  • To promote and carry out research;
  • To communicate relevant results and reports from the above initiatives to stakeholders and the public

The Directorate for Health Information and Research is responsible for the management of national health data sets on mortalitycancercongenital anomaliescerebral palsy, organ transplantobstetricsdementia, rare diseases, hospitals information system and accidents and injuries as well as for a number of other databases on health service activity.

This Directorate is responsible for carrying out the Health Interview Surveys. The First National Health Interview Survey was done in 2002. The European Health Interview Survey was completed in 2008.

DHIR is designated as an ‘Other National Authority’ (ONA) by EUROSTAT.​


The Directorate is broadly divided into two sections one dealing with health status and  the other with health care activity.  An administration office supports the above-mentioned functions and responsibilities. The Directorate currently employs 25 Officers.

The Directorate has been awarded the Equality Mark Certificate ​by the National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE) through the European Social Fund (ESF) programme for demonstrating a commitment towards best practices in gender equality.