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Statistics Clinic

​​The Directorate for Health Information & Research is offering a statistical advice service for all Ministry of Health employees.

Professor Neville Calleja (Director) has been offering his help for any such individuals planning studies. 

A Statistics Clinic is offered at the Directorate for Health Information and Research. These sessions are to be held at the Directorate’s discretion depending on current workload and availability. 

Interested parties are to contact Professor Neville Calleja on [email protected]. Alternatively, contact Ms Audrey Galea on 25599341 or [email protected], for an appointment. Please note that such consultancy is only available by appointment. Drop-in sessions are not possible

It is to be noted that, due to time constraints, in-depth explanation of statistical techniques may not be possible during these sessions. However, guidance will be provided as to good references that one may consult. Nevertheless, the onus to read up on the techniques being used lies with the researcher. It would be appreciated if statistical advice were sought at the planning phase of a study. This would save considerable time for both the researcher and the statistician.