Health Inspectorate
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Health Inspectorate

The Health Inspectorate forms part of the Environmental Health Directorate within the Department for Health Regulation of the Ministry for Health. Environmental Health Officers are responsible to safeguard and protect human health. 

This is carried out by:

  1. E​nsuring that food produced, distributed, marketed and consumed by humans meets the highest possible standards of food safety and hygiene. This is done under the direction of the Food Safety Commission in collaboration with the other key players in the official control of foodstuffs in Malta as laid down by the Food Safety Act, 2002. (Act XIV of 2002; Chapter 449).

  2. Carrying out environmental health policies emanating from the Public Health Act, 2003. (Act XIII of 2003; Chapter 465).

  3. Participating in ‘health protection issues’ as may be directed from time to time by the Director General (Health) through the Director Environmental Health and the Manager Health Inspector.

The above may be supplemented by the formulation of guidelines to assist the Health Inspectorate in the execution of its duties.

To view the structure of the Health Inspectorate Services click here​​​.

The main services offered by the Health Inspectorate are governed by a Quality Service Charter, that came into being in October 2001. Environmental Health Officers are registered with the Council for the Professions Complimentary to Medicine and a Code of Practise assists said officers in the way they execute their profession.

The several units within the Health Inspectorate Services are committed to:

  • Investigate Public Health issues
  • Reduce the incidence of communicable diseases and health hazards
  • Monitor the wholesomeness of food products
  • Monitor the quality of drinking and recreational water
  • Monitor institutions
  • Ensure rodent control
  • Control the importation and exportation of foodstuffs
  • Supervise the proper interment and repatriation of human remains
  • Issue drug control cards with respect to narcotic and psychotropic drugs
  • Make recommendations to licensing authorities and issue of licenses pertaining to the Superintendent of Public Health

Historical Background​

 Postal Information
Environmental Health Directorate,
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