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CEO's Statements

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Statement

The Foundation for Medical Services recognises that acts of bribery and corruption go against the concept of free and fair competition between businesses. Furthermore, they undermine the confidence that customers and businesses hold in the free market. To this end FMS fully supports and adheres to all legislation, both local and at European Union level, aimed at preventing bribery and corruption. Such support is constantly manifested through our ongoing obligation to carry out our business in a fair, open and transparent manner.

 The Foundation for Medical Services and each of its management, directors and employees have a zero tolerance approach towards any form of bribery and this is reflected by the fact that: 

      • ​​We are only open to negotiate and enter into contracts with organisations and individuals that share our commitment to bribery prevention;

  • We are ready to terminate any contract with any organisation or individual violating any of the contractual provisions relating to bribery avoidance;

  • We constantly review and adapt our policies and procedures to ensure that these contain both bribery and corruption prevention measures and that they guarantee the secure and confidential disclosure of acts of bribery and corruption;

  • We are ready to take disciplinary action against any employee who actively and knowingly engages in bribery.

These commitments reflect the position of FMS to guarantee that no act of the Foundation forms part of any act of bribery or corruption, and our commitment towards the avoidance of such acts in the industry which we operate in.​