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Architecture Services

The patient lies at the centre of everything we do. Designing fit-for-purpose and ecologically sustainable healthcare infrastructure is a complex undertaking, and the success of a building is based upon how it responds to the needs of those who use it - patients, staff, and visitors. Creating an environment that is conducive to the healing process lies at the centre of every project the Foundation undertakes.

Patient-centric spaces should be comfortable and stress-free; and these spaces should ideally be free of environmental stressors. The most important thing for patients is comfort and normalcy such that the healing process is expedited. Lighting, for instance, plays an extremely important part in our perception of our environment. Re-designing lighting systems in existing buildings, for instance, can play an important part in enhancing a patient’s healing experience.

The Foundation for Medical Services works with the Ministry for Health to identify future needs, and to develop project briefs. Also, by working closely with the Ministry, with statutory authorities, and with contractors, FMS contributes to the design of patient-centric spaces to improve patient outcomes.

Design and architecture-related services that the Foundation for Medical Services provides include:


  •     Initial project appraisal – this allows for a better understanding of design requirements;
  •     Outline Proposals – this process includes the presentation of ideas at a high-level; with                   approximate costings.
  •     Detailed Proposals – this includes the articulation of a scheme; more detailed costings; and             drawings up to the submission of a development-planning application;
  •     Invitation to Tender (ITT) documentation – this includes putting together a tender document             package for publication;
  •    Contract management - managing the build or refurbishment contract post tender award;
  •    Management of construction to practical completion – this includes end-to-end work supervision;      and interim and final payment certification;
  •    Post implementation review – this includes inspection of the completed project to identify defects      or snags; and resolving defects and snags.
No matter the size of the project, the Foundation for Medical Services is committed to provide a high level of professional service.

Please contact us​ for more information about our design and architecture services.