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HR Services

​​The FMS HR department manages various requests, queries, and information by all the employees as well as from their respective departments. Therefore the FMS HR department on a daily basis is involved in:
    • ​​​managing change and facilitating training and development
  • recruitment, selection and employee relations
  • communicating with employees
  • performing human resource management strategies
  • Providing leadership, as well as contribute to the improvement of morale, performance and professionalism. Ensure that working conditions, disciplinary actions, and grievances are managed in an efficient and effective manner

One of the core functions of the FMS HR department is to recruit various managerial, professional, technical and support personnel on behalf of the Ministry for Health, who are then deployed in the different departments/ entities so as to enable a high standard, professional and effective service to be provided throughout the Ministry.

 Furthermore, FMS HR department provides guidance and support to the line Departments, Entities and Hospitals on employee relation and resourcing matters and management

 HR departmental main values;

  • Promoting honesty, integrity, and trust:  indeed we honour our commitments and try to conduct our duties in a professional manner that promotes fairness, respect, and trust.
  • Celebrate Teamwork: we encourage the diversity of thoughts, experiences, and backgrounds and involve the staff as much as possible.
  • Encourage Communication: we solicit the input of other employees and heads and top management and strive for transparency and inclusiveness
  • support other departments by giving them a priority, assistance and help to the staff, Top Management, Ministry and other entities
  • Adapt and embrace change and Innovation, especially when coming from top management: Indeed, we are open to risk-taking to support continuous improvement.
  • Constantly value, encourage, and support the workforce at FMS head office as well as MFH