How We Regulate
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How We Regulate

Our Mission
Our mission is to create and ensure a culture of service excellence within all establishments that provide a service which may have an impact on public health and patient safety

Our Vision
Our vision is to ensure that high quality safe standards are adhered to by all entities that provide a service which may have an impact on public health and patient safety

Keeping people safe, promoting dignity and choice and finally but not least support independence

Being people centred, transparent and accessible and finally be rigorous and fair, and actively involved to change for the better.

What we do
At the Healthcare Standards Directorate , we strive to  provide a high-quality service which reflects the four pillars of Quality for the public service by giving the client every opportunity to voice his/her complaints, comments and suggestions, by designing and implementing  policies that meet clients’ expectations, by providing an efficient and effective accessible service and by embracing a culture of accountability throughout the Directorate’s operations;

This is possible through the professional competence and dedicated team working within the Directorate and its inspectorate and licensing offices who constantly work to achieve the Directorate’s goals and objectives.

At the Healthcare Standards Directorate we are constantly here to assist and guide clients towards providing high standards of quality safe services and care to the general public.

The Healthcare Standards Directorate’s objectives
To safeguard public health through inspection and licensing of Tattoo, Body piercing and Semi-Permanent make-up studios; Medical day clinics and clinics with overnight stay; Medical Diagnostic Laboratories; Physiotherapy Clinics; Chiropody Clinics; Dental Clinics; Acupuncture Clinics; X-RAY Clinics; hospitals; Rehabilitation facilities; Oncology centers; Tissue establishments; Blood establishments; Eye clinics and  Mental Health facilities;
To formulate and recommend National standards for health-related services, through the active participation of relevant stakeholders and interested parties;
  1. To promote a quality and patient safety culture within public and private healthcare establishments;
  2. To regulate the use of human blood and blood components, tissues and cells and organs in terms of the relevant legislation and quality standards;
  3. To monitor hospital and medical services performance and outcome indicators as part of the health care licensing, and regulatory mechanisms;
  4. To engage in local and EU research and projects in relation to the development of quality initiatives for health care services in Malta;
  5. To enforce health care laws and regulation together with compliance to stipulated standards through advice, education, persuasion and legal action if necessary;
  6. To encourage and evaluate feedback from all stakeholders thus adopt a continuous improvement approach;
  7. To carry out inspections in accordance with Chapter 568 - Coordination of Government inspections Act;
  8. To keep the Organ donor register updated;
  9. To provide information to the general public with regards to Organ donor registration.​