Office of the Director General for Healthcare Services
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Office of the Director General for Healthcare Services

The Office of the Director General for Healthcare Services is responsible to ensure the effective and efficient operation and delivery of healthcare services with an emphasis on clinical and corporate governance, service delivery and quality review with in an established framework of controlled decentralisation and autonomy involving user participation.

​- To develop and direct healthcare services through the different functions of the directorates within the department in order  to ensure that public health services are effective and responsive to users’ needs
- To promote citizens’ and patients’ rights and facilitate service users’ involvement in the national health system
- To develop strategic business plans and operational policies to maintain an integrated and seamless service at both community and institutional level
- To facilitate the effective, efficient and timely implementation of strategies, standards and regulations
- To coordinate the training and development of healthcare professionals and non-healthcare personnel according to their needs
- To co-ordinate, facilitate and ensure ongoing consultation with internal and external stakeholders  including service users
- To co-ordinate and liaise with all allied healthcare professions to support allied healthcare staff
- To co-ordinate and promote health informatics in all healthcare services
- To increase access and continuity of care for cancer patients and their families
- To identify issues in healthcare services and give advice and recommendations as required
- To collect, analyse and disseminate health information to ensure continuous monitoring, innovation and sustainability of healthcare services
- To provide a safe, secure and high quality environment for users and employees and to ensure that standards and regulations adopted by the Ministry are implemented by healthcare providers

In addition to the Office of the Director General for Healthcare Services, the following Directorates fall under the auspices of the Director General Healthcare Services
- Directorate Allied Healthcare Professions
- Directorate Nursing Services
- Directorate Cancer Care Pathways
- Directorate Health Informatics
- Dar Kenn Ghal Sahhtek