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The myHealth portal allows Maltese citizens and residents to view a selection of their medical records online.  These records are retrieved from a number of Health IT systems across Government.

The portal also allows users to link with one or more doctors and give them online access to their records.


Please go to  To log in, you need a valid e-ID password.  If you don't already have one, please go to

or Help about myHealth, please go to

Please download the myHealth User Guide for Patients for details on how to use the services provided by the myHealth portal.

In the case of patients unable or unwilling to access myHealth online, the following PDF form can be printed out and used by patients to give consent for the creation of a doctor-patient link in myHealth: myHealth Doctor-Patient Link Consent Form.


The following personal health data are displayed to authorised users in myHealth:

  • Government hospital inpatient case summaries
  • ​Data on upcoming appointments and past episodes at Government hospitals and health centres​
  • Pharmacy of your Choice (POYC) entitlement, prescription and dispensing records
  • Vaccination records
  • Laboratory Results and Medical Imaging Reports (visible when released by a linked doctor, or after 3 days)
  • Forms submitted by doctors through myHealth (notifications of infectious disease, vaccinations given)

These data are retrieved from a number of Health IT systems, most of which are Government systems.


myHealth allows patients to gain direct, online, secure access on demand to the types of personal health data listed above.  myHealth users may exercise their data subject rights by contacting the data controllers responsible for the data sources used by myHealth.  Requests made to the myHealth team about correctness and completeness of data are referred to the respective data controllers (at Mater Dei Hospital, POYC or Primary HealthCare, according to the data in question).

If a myHealth user is not satsified by the way a case is treated by a data controller, a concern may be raised online with the national Information and Data Protection Commissioner.  If the user believes that there has a been a breach of personal data, this too may be reported online to the IDPC.​


If after visiting myHealth you have ideas on how the services in the myHealth portal may be improved, then why not write to us with your ideas?  You may do so directly by emailing [email protected], or do so through the IDEA initiative.

You may also participate in relevant policy making processes when public consultations are carried out.  Please visit​ for more information.


The policies on the services provided through the myHealth portal are formulated by the Ministry for Health after wide consultation with internal and external stakeholders.  The Ministry takes all feedback into account during the process.  The data displayed in myHealth depends on the availability of reliable electronic sources of health data and the technical possibilities of consistently retrieving and displaying that data.

The content and technical facilities in the myHealth portal are continuously being developed.  In order to ensure that myHealth services continue to be patient-centric, we encourage input by users of myHealth.  If you are interested in becoming a regular contributor to the design of myHealth, taking part in user panels or focus groups, please let us know: [email protected].  Your participation will help us design and deliver value-added services.


The myHealth portal is managed by a team at the Information Management Unit (IMU) of the Ministry of Health, under the leadership of Dr Hugo Agius Muscat, a Consultant in Public Health Medicine.

myHealth team email: [email protected]

IMU Address: ​Information Management Unit, Level 2, Malta Enterprise Building, Gwardamangia Hill, Pieta, MEC 0001