SNOMED National Release Centre (Malta)
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SNOMED National Release Centre (Malta)


As we move towards more integrated care records, with data following patients, it is important that information is consistent and transferable within and across all the healthcare settings where a patient may be treated.  The use of coded information supports recording in a consistent and transferable way.
One prerequisite for the safe exchange of clinical information between healthcare providers is the establishment of a common, coded clinical language (clinical terminology).  The concepts and descriptions (or terms) used in clinical communications that describe diagnoses, procedures, therapies, medications, and other clinical ideas must be accurately and consistently interpreted by all health IT systems and the clinicians that interact with them.
SNOMED Clinical Terms® (SNOMED CT), an internationally pre-eminent clinical terminology, has been identified as a preferred terminology for Malta.  SNOMED CT is freely available for use in Malta, under Malta's licensing arrangements with SNOMED International.
Access to this restricted material is limited to those who hold a SNOMED CT Affiliate License for access to SNOMED CT data; in Malta these licence agreements are managed by the Information Management Unit in the ministry responsible for Health.
To apply for an Affiliate License, please use the Member Licensing and Distribution Service (MLDS).  This is a tool used by the National Release Centre (NRC) in Malta to manage the Affiliate Licensing of SNOMED CT including new applications, renewals and usage reporting within Malta and where relevant in non member countries.​  To start the process, please visit the MLDS home page​ and register.

For more information about SNOMED CT and IHTSDO, please visit SNOMED - Home | SNOMED International.