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Mount Carmel Hospital - AMIF - Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund

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The provision of a sustainable mental health care service to asylum seekers and refugees in Malta

The Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) has the aim to further boost national capacities and improve procedures for migration management, as well as to enhance solidarity and responsibility sharing between Member States, in particular through emergency assistance and the relocation mechanism.

Migrants coming to Malta, seeking International protection, would have experienced severe trauma and suffering in their home countries and also during their journey.  Most of this trauma is of a psychological nature, sometimes so bad, that it requires specialist care and admission to our mental hospital - Mount Carmel Hospital. Health concerns of those arriving are also subject to both national (mainstream) and EU funded initiatives.

Mental Health is one area where treatment needs to be given imminently for the safety of the individual. On the other hand, covering of mental health care is an obligation according to the provisions of Article 19 of Directive 2013/33/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council which states that 'Member States shall ensure that applicants receive the necessary health care which shall include, at least, emergency care and essential treatment of illnesses and of serious mental disorders'.

The Ministry for Health embarked on a project to address the needs and obligations as defined in the Directive. This project has helped to strengthen the services already being given at Mount Carmel Hospital, with the aim of offering a comprehensive and holistic service to improve the mental and social well-being of these individuals, to prevent symptoms from worsening and to be better integrated into society. The project totalled €2,995,202.64 of which €2,246,402.00 (75%) was EU funded through the AMIF.
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