Crisis Resolution Home Treatment (CRHT)
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Crisis Resolution Home Treatment (CRHT)

The Crisis Resolution Home Treatment (CRHT) service is a specialist mental health team that provides timely and compassionate psychiatric care to individuals in a mental health crisis.

Throughout the CRHT interventions, service-users are empowered to address their mental health crises and to reinforce their resilience through the provision of evidence-based interventions and psychoeducation. Additionally, the team liaises with caregivers and other stakeholders to facilitate the resolution of the mental health crisis, and endeavours to facilitate the smooth, professional, and non-traumatic transition to other services. Ultimately, service-users are encouraged to foster adaptive coping abilities so that they may avoid or reduce the severity of future crises and achieve a fulfilling and good-quality life, while decreasing the need for psychiatric hospitalisation.

To achieve this, the team operates from Monday to Sunday between 07:00 and 18:00 from the newly refurbished CRHT Clinic outside Mount Carmel Hospital grounds. The team offers intensive follow up at the CRHT Clinic or at the service-user’s residence or community.

Individuals are referred by specialists and trainees in psychiatry after review by the Emergency Psychiatric Service, which operates at the Accident and Emergency Department on a 24/7 basis. For further information kindly contact 23304500/1.​