In-Patient Services
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In-Patient Services

In-patient services are all offered at Mount Carmel Hospital. The aim of in-patient services is to treat individuals in the least restrictive setting that is safe and effective.

Services are designed for short and intensive care to individuals who are experiencing significant deterioration in their Mental Health. Specialised units provide the right therapeutic settings to meet people's unique needs such as substance use related conditions, rehabilitation and old age. The Young's People Unit (YPU) provides in-patient care for children and adolescents.

Acute in-patient care is delivered according to the client's region of residence (South – Admission 1, Central – Admission 2 and North – Admission 3). This allows for the continuation of care once the client is discharged from in-patient care to the community services. Such integrated strategies aim to improve access to care, strengthen communication and coordination between providers.

In-patient care teams are composed of multidisciplinary teams providing a comprehensive professional assessment, crisis stabilisation, medication management and an individual plan aiming for a transition towards a community based care and eventually, independent living.​

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