Addiction Service
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Addiction Service

Our services include both in-patient and outpatient.

The in-patient addiction service aims at:
  1. Stabilisation of individuals who suffer from substance use disorder and comorbid mental illness through pharmacotherapy. This includes but is not limited to acute management of withdrawal symptoms and emotional dysregulation related to substance use.
  2. Psychotherapeutic interventions focusing on psychoeducation, motivational interviewing, individual and group psychotherapy.
  3. Preparation and transitionary period for individuals who are overall stable but willing to engage with rehab programs.
  4. Social work interventions aimed at vocational training, employment and housing opportunities.
  5. Occupational therapy.

The Community / Outpatient addiction service aims at:
  1. Regular reviews of individuals who have comorbid substance use disorder and mental illness in the community.
  2. Review of patients who are on a community treatment order to ensure abstinence and stable mental state and ​timely admission in case of deterioration.
  3. Addiction Outreach service including home visits by addiction team to assess individuals in their home environment.
  4. Assessments in rehab setting.
  5. Stimulants clinic focusing on individuals who use stimulant drugs.​