National Antimicrobial Resistance Committee
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National Antimicrobial Resistance Committee

In November 2018 the National ​AMR Strategy was made available for Public Consultation. The deadline for feedback submission was 9th December 2018. 
The final version ​​was then launched in 2020.

The legal notice (L.N. 105 of 2023) establishing and defining the terms of reference of 'The Committee' can be downloaded here​
Terms of Reference for the National Antimicrobial Resistance Committee (NAC)

It shall be the duty of the Committee to:
(a) Advise the Superintendent of Public Health on measures necessary to minimise antimicrobial resistance.

(b) Develop and update the Strategy and Action Plan on Antimicrobial Resistance in Malta through a OneHealth approach.

(c) Coordinate strategies to ensure the continued effectiveness of antimicrobial agents used in the treatment and prevention of infectious diseases in humans and animals.

(d) Monitor the implementation of the National Strategy and Action Plan on Anitmicrobial Resistance through a OneHealth approach and advise on implmentation actions where necessary. 

(e) Promote effective infection prevention and control programmes within healthcare institutions.

(f) Ensure that the impact on safety and quality of care is considered in all decisions.

(g) Develop and recommend strategies to comply with EU legislation as well as draw up and disseminate guidelines and standards on appropriate antimicrobial use, optimal dosing, administration and monitoring in line with accepted best practice so as to guide antimicrobial therapy as well as infection prevention and control.

(h) Promote effective education on anitmicrobial resistance, prudent use of antimicrobial agents and antibiotic stewardship, as well as infection prevention, to professionals in human health, animal health and the general public.​

(i) Tender all such advice as may be requested by the Superintendent of Public Health.
The Committee shall:
  1. Coordinate the establishment of surveillance systems to analyse trends in antimicrobial resistance and antimicrobial utilisation using data in human and animal health, as well as analysing healthcare associated infections caused by resistance micro-organisms or otherwise.
  2. Act as an authorised body by virtue of the powers conferred by article 8 of the Act and collect, from any relevant entity, appropriate information concerning antimicrobial resistance, data on the consumption, distribution and dispensing of antimicrobial agents used in the treatment and prevention of infections in humans and animals, as well as incidence of healthcare associated infections and the processes needed for their prevention. 
Members of the Committee:



Profs Michael Borg

A representative of the Chief Medical Officer

Ms Antonia Formosa

A representative of the Chief Veterinary Officer

Dr Paul Joseph Portelli

A representative from agriculture

Dr. Roberto Andrea Balbo

A specialist in Microbiology and/or Bacteriology

Dr. Rodianne Abela

A specialist in Public Health Medicine

Dr. Tanya Melillo

An environmental health practitioner

Mr. Hadrian Bonello

A specialist in Infectious Diseases Medicine

Dr. Tonio Piscopo

Two (2)specialists in Family Medicine –

one in public and

Dr. Gunther Abela

another in private employment

Dr. Anthony Azzopardi

Two (2) pharmacists –

one in public and

Dr. Peter Zarb

another in private employment

Ms. Valerie Vella

Two (2) veterinary surgeons -

one in public and

Dr. Susan Chircop

another in private employment

Dr. Andrew Agius

A nurse actively involved in infection prevention and control within a hospital setting

Ms. Deborah Xuereb

A member from the general public

Dr. Ermira Tartari Bonnici

A secretary to the Committee

Dr. Alison Brincat

Antibiotics App​ (Android Users Only)
This app will provide an algorithm based decision making tool to assist doctors at Mater Dei Hospital in more appropriate antibiotic decision making in line with the hospital's policy. Additionally, the app has a number of medical calculators incorporated. This APP is also indicated for use by Specialists in Family Medicine practising in Malta.