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About Us

​Our Vision
National Blood Transfusion Service: From donor to patient, we strive for excellence.

OUR Mission

​To provide a safe and sustainable blood supply and develop a service for tissue and cells in compliance with all relevant standards, respecting the donor’s voluntary gift, for the benefit of the patients. The National Blood Transfusion Service also aims to participate in research, innovation, training and education activities through appropriate partnerships.

For our Quality Service Charter, click here for the English version or here for the Maltese​ version.  


Blood donation has long been deemed the altruistic act of giving without expecting anything in return. This selfless donation helps up to three patients at a time, in that whole blood collected from our donors is then divided into its components. There are other types of donations, however. As a service, we also collect, process, test and store corneas for transplantation.

It is the vision of the NBTS to evolve; and in the coming years, we have an ambitious project planned out to expand our current blood collection facility, and to introduce new services pertaining to the collection and banking of tissues and cells. As many may not be aware, our workforce is composed of a mix of specialities, from doctors and nurses (our front-facing teams) to medical laboratory scientists (our hidden gems), and everyone in between. It is this concerted effort that ensures the safety and sustainability of the Maltese blood supply.

 However, we cannot operate without our main resource: our precious donors. Allow me to thank all our existing blood donors, for your generosity continues to save countless lives every day. For those who have still to find the courage to approach blood donation, I would like to assure you that it really is worth the needle prick. And for those who cannot donate, for whatever reason, you can still help by encouraging others to donate blood and perhaps even facilitate blood donation by organising groups or mobile donation sessions. 

We look forward to welcoming you all at our various collection sites, so please lend us a hand by giving us your arm.

​Dr Monique A Debattista
Medical Director | Responsible Person


The mission of the National Blood Transfusion Services is to provide an adequate, safe blood supply that satisfies the demand of local hospitals. Clinically, donated blood is mainly used for surgeries, major trauma cases, cancer patients requiring chemotherapy and thalassaemia patients. The lives of such patients largely depend on the generosity and continued support of blood donors. 

The increasing demand for blood often offers the NBTS tough challenges to maintain adequate blood stocks albeit the generous donations from our donor pool. Statistically, it is a known fact that a large percentage of the healthy Maltese population does not give blood. Therefore, this is my message targeted to such persons.  Do not wait for a personal experience to become aware that blood can save lives. Do not hesitate to come forward and donate blood. It is an altruistic deed, special for yourself and lifesaving to others.

I would like to end this message by thanking all blood donors and lapsed donors for their priceless, life-saving gifts of blood. I am also grateful for those persons who attempt to donate blood but are ineligible to do so.  

Alexander Lautier
Charge Nurse
a/Manager Donation Services

Where are we
National Blood Transfusion Service

NBTS facade

Ċentru ta' l-Għotja tad-Demm,
Pjazza San Luqa, G'Mangia. MSD 1010.
Tel:- 22066201 / 79307307
Free phone:-80074313

Opens everyday from Monday to Sunday
including Public Holidays
between 8.00am and 6.00pm

The Blood Mobile Unit

Blood mobile unit

The Mobile Unit is available on request of Voluntary Organizers
Between 8.00am and 1.00pm.
For further information click here

Gozo Xewkija Berġa

Xewkija Berga

Blood Collection at Gozo Xewkija Berġa.
Tel:- 21556461
Open every alternate Sunday between 8.30am and 1.00pm and
every alternate Tuesday between 1.00pm and 5.00pm.

For details view schedule​.

Services offered at the National Blood Transfusion Service Malta include the following:-
Counselling Service to Donors
Available to donors considered to need particular counselling.
Talks and Informative Sessions
When requested, our members of staff offer talks and informative sessions about blood donation and its process in schools, organizations, TV and radio programmes. For further information or appointment one can call us on 22066201; Free phone:-80074313 or 79307307 or e-mail us on [email protected]

Addressing requests in terms of the Freedom of Information Act
Blood donors requesting access to their documents held by the National Blood Transfusion Department are to contact the Departments' FOI Officers on 22066215 or 22066204