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Be a Hero

In today’s world, with the fast life we are all living, with all that is happening around us, we more than ever need to have superheroes in our lives.

Those who are willing to go out of their way to help others in need. 

Those who are ready to make an effort in doing something out of their comfort zone.

Those who do not want anything in return for doing a good deed.

Those who feel it’s only fair to give a helping hand… simply because they can!!

We can all be Superheroes. Everyone can perform a selfless heroic act of kindness.

However, at least for us at NBTS, some heroes are a little bit more special.

Those who choose to regularly find time to donate blood. Not because they have to, but because they want to. 

Those that know how important a single pint of blood can be. 

Those who know that out there someone, at any point in time, will need their blood. 

Those who understand that their heroic act of kindness does actually make a difference.

Those who do their part in saving lives but do not expect any recognition in return.


This campaign is meant to bring to light not only those who are already heroes but also the fact that Malta is in dire need of many more Super Donors. Blood shortage has become a regular issue, with accident victims, cancer patients and many more having to postpone treatment due to such shortages.

So without much more ado, as the campaign clearly states… Be a Hero, Give Blood!!

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