Nursing Directorate
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Nursing Directorate


The staff at the Directorate Nursing Services consists of the Director Nursing Services, three staff nurses and one midwife. The DNS has a principal to assist with office operations.


The mission statement for the directorate is:
To promote excellence in all aspects of nursing and midwifery services through the leading, support and coordination of such services in Malta and Gozo.

  • To engage in the development of nursing and midwifery services in the Primary and Community, Secondary and Tertiary Health Care settings
  • To set benchmarks for quality nursing and midwifery services in conjunction with the relevant stakeholders as part of the health care licensing, credentialing and regulatory mechanisms
  • ​To engage in local and international nursing research and projects in relation to the development of quality initiatives for nursing and midwifery services in Malta
  • ​To develop the international profile of nursing and/or nursing services in Malta as part of an overall commitment to the improvement of health care delivery
  • ​To support the development of the national nursing and midwifery education and training to reflect recent advances in health science and evidenced – based practice being an integral part of the process of quality health care delivery