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Professional Profile

The Ministry for Health consists of around 8,000 public service employees ranging from professional, technical, managerial, support staff and clerical categories amongst others. Since the Ministry for Health provides a public health service to society, the majority of the workforce is made up of various healthcare professionals and para-professional staff, who offer a multi-disciplinary service to the general public.

Each healthcare profession is covered by a sectoral agreement which offers the opportunity of a career progression in a structured manner and pay packages related to the specific profession.​

These categories include:

  1. Allied Health Professionals​
  2. Allied Assistants
  3. Dental Class
  4. Dental Surgery Assistants
  5. Decontamination Technicians
  6. Electrocardiography Technicians
  7. Emergency Ambulance Responders
  8. Environmental Health Officers
  9. Medical Class
  10. Medical Physics Class
  11. Nursing & Midwifery Class
  12. Pharmacy Class
  13. Pharmacy Technicians
  14. Phlebotomy Technicians
  15. Psychology Class
  16. Scientific Class
  17. Social Work Class