Information Management Unit
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Information Management Unit

​​The Information Management Unit (Health) primary role is to ensure alignment of information technology with the Ministry’s strategic priorities. In this regard, the Unit provides support and advise to the Permanent Secretary on all Ministry ICT Matters. The Information Management Unit (Health) is managed by the Chief Information Officer Mr Euchar Sultana.

Main Competencies of the Information Management Unit (Health) include:

The preparation of strategic and operational ICT plans for the Ministry in line with the national ICT strategy;
Providing support and advice to the Permanent Secretary on the Ministry ICT matters;
Technical advice about the procurement and/or leasing of ICT-related equipment;
Co-ordinate the upgrading, development and implementation of new Information Systems;
Preparation of the ICT budget and the optimisation of ICT resources.

The Unit is also involved in applying Governmental-wide policies, standards and protocols which are aimed at
ensuring that IT systems are mutually compatible.

Better health for Maltese society through effective application of technology.

At the Information Management Unit, we provide our clients, both internal and external, a high quality and efficient health care system through the delivery of technology that is intrinsic to our client’s needs;

We take pride in our ability and consistent approach to strategically support our clients whilst reducing excessive bureaucratic processes.

We are governed by the values inherent in the Maltese Public Administration, such as, Service, Courteous, Expeditiously and Impartial; Objective and Knowledgeable; Effective and Efficient. Whilst working towards achieving Excellence, being Accountable and of Integrity, ensuring the provision of a Compassionate and Inclusive customer centric service, through Empowerment and Competent use of public monies.

General Description of the Categories of Documents Held

Documents held by the Information Management Unit (Health) about governance of ICT emanate from ICT Policies, Directives, Procedures and Standards for the Government of Malta (

Addressing requests in terms of the Freedom of Information Act
Members of the public requesting access to documents held by the Information Management Unit are to contact the FOI Officer on 22992379 or the Alternate FOI Officer on 25952801 or via e-mail address [email protected].

Contact Information:

 Information Management Unit
Floor 1, Unit 17,
St Luke’s Hospital,

2595 2800