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Pharmaceutical Affairs


About Us

The Directorate for Pharmaceutical Affairs (DPA) holds a challenging and central position within the Maltese national health system as it strives to work within a tight balance between safeguarding public health and securing patient access to safe and effective good quality medicines yet in a manner that is equitable and sustainable. 

Mission Statement

The Directorate for Pharmaceutical Affairs has the mission of developing and implementing equitable and sustainable Government pharmaceutical policies. It promotes excellence in patient care through assuring safe, rational and cost-effective use of medicines.

  • ​To draw up policies in order to safeguard public health, promote equity and sustainability of the government pharmaceutical sector
  • To ensure access to essential medicines via equitable availability and affordability
  • To ensure good quality, safety and efficacy of all medicines provided by the government health service
  • To ensure the rational use of such medicines via the promotion of the therapeutically sound and cost-effective use of medicines by health professionals and patients
  • To participate in and communicate with EU networks and initiatives relating to Pharmaceutical Policy in order to continually improve aspects of pharmaceutical policy in Malta
  • To implement EU legislation in the field of pharmaceutical policy
  • To provide supportive technical information and reports for decision making regarding the inclusion of new medicines on the government formulary and follow up decisions taken throughout the lifetime of the product on the formulary
  • To contribute to fair pricing of medicines in the government health services
  • To provide access to evidence-based cost-effective treatment for particular individuals with an exceptional need for treatment currently not provided by the health service via the government formulary
  • To follow up new expensive approved treatments on the government formulary via medicines use evaluations aimed at evaluating and improving medication use to achieve optimal patient outcomes, prevent complications and support pharmaceutical care


Contact Us

Address: Directorate for Pharmaceutical Affairs 
               209, Administration Building
               St Luke's Hospital
Tel: 2595 5232 
Generic E-mail: [email protected]
Equality Certified Logo
DPA is Equality Certified by the National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE) for promoting gender equality values and for the recognition of the potential of all employees irrespective of their gender and caring responsibilities.


The Directorate for Pharmaceutical Affairs received the award for the services rendered to the pharmacy profession at the Annual Pharmacy Symposium organised by the Pharmacy Department of the University of Malta, in March 2017. DPA was commended for the meticulous and high quality work carried out within the Directorate. 
During the past years, DPA collaborated with the Pharmacy Department by encouraging its employees to further their studies, provided training programmes for students required to do work placements as part of their course of studies, and offered guidance to students doing their research projects/thesis in areas related to Government Pharmaceutical Policies.
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