Corporate Identity
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Corporate Identity

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The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the provision of services at primary health care level and organizes and co-ordinates all functions appertaining to Health Centres. The Chief Executive Officer ensures the development and maintenance of accessible, integrated continuum of primary health care services and plays a leading role in the development and implementation of the strategic plan for the strengthening of Primary HealthCare. The Chief Executive Officer ensures that services within the directorate are operating in line with the Ministry’s policy, strategy, regulations and standards. The Chief Executive Officer also ensures that services are delivered according to the needs of the user and that users’ rights are respected.

Mission Statement:

The Primary HealthCare’s multidisciplinary TEAM is committed to excellence; to the highest possible level and quality of integrated primary health care service delivery, while we continue to explore new avenues to increase patients’ accessibility further in the community. 

It-TIM multidixxiplinarju fi ħdan il-Primary HealthCare huwa impenjat li jilħaq l-għola kisbiet  ta’ eċċellenza sabiex jiġi assigurat lis-servizzi kollha fil-qasam tal-kura tas-saħħa primarja integrata dejjem ikunu tal-għola livell u tal-aqwa kwalita’ possibbli, filwaqt li nkomplu nesploraw toroq ġodda biex inżidu aktar l-aċċessibilità tal-pazjenti fil-komunità. 
Zero Tolerance
The Primary HealthCare will not tolerate any form of violence or aggression, including verbal abuse against its staff, relatives or patients.