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Patients that need treatment with warfarin for a very long time due to their medical condition may now benefit from INR testing in specialised clinics set up in the health centres themselves. During the visit, a very small amount of blood is taken from one of the fingers. The machines in use give the result in a few seconds. One may discuss any problems or queries with the doctor and is also given a prescription for warfarin there and then. 

Patients that are chosen to make use of this service are ones that have a stable INR level. They may not be suffering from any condition that may give rise to large variations in the INR reading.

This service is given by appointment Mondays to Friday. This service is being provided from all the health centres of Bkara, Floriana, Paola, Cospicua​, Kirkop​, QormiGzira, Mosta​ and Rabat

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