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General Practitioner Clinic services include:
Treatment and advice on any condition you may be suffering from.
  • Minor medical and surgical interventions.
  • First aid and basic life support in emergency situations.
  • Health Promotion advice and primary prevention.
  • Home visits if circumstances permit.
  • Investigations (blood tests, urine tests, X-Rays, ECG) as considered necessary by the doctor.
  • Referral to a consultant by the General Practitioner if necessary.
  • Medical certificates for absence from work are issued at the discretion of the clinician.

For home visits, when possible, please phone before 9am, giving us the following details:
  • Your name and age.
  • Your address with clear directions/landmarks.
  • Your ID card number.
  • Your telephone number.
  • Some details on your condition.
An adult, preferably one of the parents/guardians, should be present when the doctor is called to examine a child.
When calling, our operator may forward your call to the doctor to give further details.
In an emergency, please keep calm and before you hang off make sure that the operator/doctor has ALL the details. 


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