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The eye care services are provided by the ophthalmologist, the optometrist and the ophthalmic nurse.

Services offered include:
  • Glaucoma screening - Screening for high eye pressure
  • Glaucoma clinic - Patients on treatment for glaucoma are seen every 6months or before by doctor/nurse
  • Optometry - Eyesight testing as well as screening for the effect of diabetes on the eyes

The family doctor or the Health Centre doctor may refer to this clinic. One may be referred from the Diabetes Clinic or the hospital; school children may be referred by the school health services. For glaucoma screening self referral is also acceptable.
Appointments are dealt with at the reception but when need be, the calls are passed through the clinic. 

The ophthalmic services are offered at many of the Health Centres around Malta and Gozo. 

For more details regarding the opening hours of this clinic please refer to the Health Centre of your catchment area.

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